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Now there is a competition for company's CEO to be appointed to Daman. Maharana Pratap Singh of Daman competes for it and it is won by Rajasthan Civil Service Commissioner Gurinder Singh. The Daman prince Bhagwat Singh and Rajasthan Cabinet Secretary Tikaram Sangwan demands that General G.S. Solanki give up his post as Rajasthan Civil Service Commissioner, and the president agrees. Maharana Pratap Singh is asked to resign his post as governor of Punjab. He resigns and Pratap Singh becomes the chief minister of Rajasthan. After a few days, Maharana Pratap Singh meets with his cousins the Mewar brothers Chittor and Kumbhalgarh. They make a plan to install Shivaji Rao Gaekwad as the prime minister of Maharashtra and Maharana Pratap Singh as the king of Daman and Diu. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Rajagopalachari meet Rajput leaders in Bombay. In this meeting Babasaheb Ambedkar first becomes informed about the arrest of Babu Rao and Ravindra Rao and the murder of Shri Dyal Swaroop. He also expresses his opinion on the political activities of the Maharajas. He expresses his views on the political administration of independent India. He also says that it is not advisable to follow the path of Ravindra Rao or Shri Dyal Swaroop. The political opinion expressed by Ambedkar is an important highlight of this novel. Ambedkar also says that change has begun. Vinod Pande becomes one of the best friends of Colonel Yudhishtir Waghmare of Bombay Regiment. Vinod is an officer from Patna, Bihar. He meets Amrit at the same time. Amrit takes keen interest in Vinod. After winning independence, a free India becomes unstable and many riots break out. The first war with Pakistan, between India and Pakistan, breaks out. The society becomes unstable. During this time the Lieutenant Colonel Yudhishtir Waghmare undergoes a major surgery. He dies after the surgery. The Pande brothers become neighbours of the Waghmare family. Yudhishtir's younger brother Major Jairam becomes the commander of the Bombay Regiment. But Jairam becomes a traitor to the people of India. He spreads rumours and anarchy. Jairam was once friends with




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Aiyaary In Hindi 720p Torrent Download jerebjor

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