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Aquamarine Gemstone Properties - Aquamarine Jewelry

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Aquamarine Gemstone Properties

The clear blue-green gemstone Aquamarine has it’s name from the words Aqua, which means “water" and Marina, which means “from the sea”. As this gemstone has protective powers and is said to have a mythical connection to the sea and mermaids, it used to work for sailors as a talisman against misfortunes at the sea.

This blueish crystal has an emotional and a spiritual impact. It works as a protection stone on the wearer as Aquamarine counteracts the dark forces. Due to its spiritual impact Aquamarine helps to raise intuition and spiritual awareness, therefore, also to increase clairvoyance. Place the stone near to you when meditating or sleeping to promote insights when your conscious mind is at rest.

Through dreams and visions, you might receive helpful guidance as you will have more awareness of your truest feelings and desires. The healing powers of this sea blue crystal also help to protect your aura and other negative vibrations surrounding you.

It helps to balance your emotions and will help you to calm down in stressful situations. All of the positive properties of the healing stone Aquamarine encourage you to wear it close to your body in form of jewelry like earrings, bracelets or necklace pendants or even as a pocket stone.

So, the grounding energy can help you stand firm and balanced in your daily life.

It is also said that the Aquamarine gemstone helps to prevent allergic reactions, boosts the immune system, regulates hormones and even has a positive effect on your stomach, liver and throat.

- Emotional release, stress relief

- Balancing and protective properties

- Calming and soothing

- Cleanses negative energies

- Helps with communication and the expression of feelings

- Helps overcoming fears and doubts, emotional trauma

- Promotes clairvoyance

Aquamarine is a silicate and will mostly be found in Brazil, but also in Russia in the Ural Mountains, Kenya, Madagaskar and the Midwestern United States.

Chakras: Throat Chakra (helps communication) and Third Eye Chakra (Intuition and inner knowing)

Birthstone: Pisces, Water element

Stone Cleansing: in water and moonlight

The Magical Healing Powers of Aquamarine Gemstone

Are you looking for a natural way to overcome physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges? Look no further than aquamarine gemstones. These stunning pieces of jewelry are not only beautiful but also have amazing healing properties.

Do you ever feel like you need a little extra help overcoming life's challenges? Maybe something natural, something that won't burden your body with chemicals or unwanted side effects? If so, you might be interested in exploring the world of aquamarine gemstones. Not only are they stunning pieces of jewelry, but they also have some amazing healing properties. In this article, we'll dive into the history of aquamarine gemstones, explore their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties, and give you some tips on how to incorporate them into your own life. Whether you're a believer in crystal healing or just looking for new ways to balance your mind and body, you won't want to miss this. So, let's explore the magical healing powers of aquamarine gemstones together.

The History of Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine gemstones have a rich and fascinating history, dating all the way back to ancient times. The earliest known use of aquamarine dates back to 500 BC, where it was used by the Greeks and Romans as a talisman to protect sailors on long voyages. They believed that the stone had the power to calm the waves and protect against sea monsters.

In addition to its protective qualities, aquamarine was also believed to have healing powers. During the Middle Ages, aquamarine was ground into a powder and used as a cure for various ailments, including eye diseases, liver issues, and throat infections. It was also used to soothe the nerves and promote mental clarity.

Throughout history, aquamarine gemstones have been associated with royalty and power. In the 17th century, King George III of England gifted a stunning aquamarine necklace to his wife, Queen Charlotte. The necklace had a pendant made from a single, massive aquamarine stone that weighed over 243 carats.

Today, aquamarine continues to be a popular gemstone for jewelry and is often used in engagement rings. Its stunning blue color and rich history make it a beloved stone for many. But beyond its aesthetic qualities, aquamarine continues to be revered for its healing properties and is believed to have a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine gemstones are believed to have a wide range of physical healing properties. It is said to be helpful for the immune system, as it gives support to the thymus gland which plays an important role in the immune system's health. Aquamarine is also believed to be beneficial for the throat, reducing inflammation and soothing coughs.

In addition, aquamarine is said to be useful in reducing anxiety, as it calms the nerves and reduces tension. It is also believed to be helpful for people suffering from allergies, as it supports the respiratory system and helps clear the sinuses.

Overall, aquamarine gemstones are believed to have a range of physical healing benefits that can help support our overall well-being. These physical healing properties are just one aspect of the many benefits that people believe these stones have. In the next section, we'll explore the emotional healing properties of aquamarine gemstones.

Emotional Healing Properties

Aquamarine gemstones aren't just associated with physical healing - they're also believed to have emotional healing properties. It is said that aquamarine can help you release negative emotions and cultivate positive ones. In particular, it is believed to help people let go of past traumas and heal emotional wounds.

The calming and soothing energy of aquamarine may also help people combat anxiety and stress. In addition, this gemstone is thought to promote clear communication by helping people articulate their thoughts and feelings more effectively. It is also said to foster compassion and empathy, which can support healthy relationships with others.

If you're struggling with emotional pain or feeling weighed down by negative emotions, incorporating aquamarine gemstones into your life could be a way to support your emotional healing. But that's not all - in the next section, we'll explore how aquamarine is believed to support spiritual healing as well.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Aquamarine gemstones are believed to offer more than just physical and emotional healing. Many people also turn to these beautiful stones for spiritual healing properties. Some believe that wearing or meditating with aquamarine can enhance spiritual growth, deepen intuition, and promote a stronger connection to the divine.

Spiritual healing can mean something different to everyone, but many believe that aquamarine can help lift negative energies and promote a sense of peace and tranquility. This can be especially beneficial for those who are seeking clarity or are feeling lost or disconnected. By working with aquamarine, individuals may be able to tap into their own inner wisdom and gain a greater understanding of their spiritual path.

In the next section, we'll explore some ways that you can incorporate aquamarine into your life to reap these benefits and more.

Aquamarine Jewelry

Ways to Use Aquamarine in Your Life

By integrating aquamarine into your daily life, you can experience its therapeutic effects and enjoy its beautiful aesthetic. Aquamarine can be worn as jewelry, carried in a pocket or purse, placed on your bedside table, or even incorporated into your home decor. One idea is to place a piece of aquamarine in a bowl of water and let it infuse the water with its calming energies, then sprinkle this water throughout your home to promote a peaceful atmosphere.

If you feel called to wear aquamarine, consider choosing a piece that resonates with you and your personal style. You might prefer a simple pendant, a statement ring, or a pair of elegant earrings. Regardless of your choice, make sure to care for your jewelry properly to keep it looking its best and preserve its healing properties.

Next, we'll go over some tips for choosing and caring for your aquamarine jewelry so you can enjoy its magical powers for years to come.

Choosing and Caring for Your Aquamarine Jewelry

If you're considering purchasing aquamarine jewelry, it's important to choose a piece that speaks to your personal style. Whether you prefer a delicate necklace or a chunky statement ring, there are many options to suit your taste.

Before making a purchase, it's important to consider the quality of the stone. Look for aquamarines that are clear and have a consistent blue color. The stone should be well-cut and free of any visible flaws or inclusions. Additionally, it's a good idea to purchase from a reputable jeweler who can provide information about the stone's origin and any treatments it may have undergone.

Proper care is essential to keep your aquamarine jewelry looking its best. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, as these can damage the stone. Additionally, be gentle when cleaning your jewelry to prevent scratching or chipping the stone. A soft cloth and mild soap is usually sufficient for cleaning.

By choosing carefully and caring for your aquamarine jewelry properly, you can enjoy the beauty and healing properties of this magical stone for years to come. So go ahead and indulge in a piece that speaks to you - you deserve it!

Incorporating aquamarine gemstones into your life can bring balance and harmony to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. From its rich history to its vast healing properties, aquamarine is a versatile gemstone that can help you overcome life's challenges. Whether you wear aquamarine jewelry or simply carry a piece with you, you can tap into the magical healing powers of this gemstone. So why not give it a try and see the positive changes it can bring to your life? As the famous quote goes, "The greatest wealth is to live content with little," and with aquamarine by your side, you may find contentment in abundance.

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