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Amethyst Gemstone Properties - Amethyst Jewelry

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

A stone with a healing effect.

Many positive attributes are ascribed to the natural gemstone amethyst.

It is said to have a healing effect on body and soul, even detoxifying and especially cleansing abilities on the mind.

Superfluous thoughts and sensations are cleared through the amethyst.

This strengthens concentration and promotes the objectivity of thinking, which means that decisions can be made more quickly. Perceptions as well as experiences can be mastered better with the aid of the amethyst, and learning difficulties, test anxiety, or grief can be resolved. In addition, the amethyst soothes the mind and ensures deep inner peace in the long term, as negative energies are dissolved.

However, the purple color of the amethyst also inspires the imagination, because it releases blockages and inhibitions, which promotes the processing of conflicts through dreams, especially during sleep. With amethyst necklaces, people can be impressed with more charisma and temperament.


- Overcoming nightmares, exam anxiety and learning disabilities

- Help with love sickness, addictive behavior and loss of pain

- Promotes clairvoyant dreams, restful sleep and intuition

- Strengthens rational decisions, real friendships, a sense of justice and spirituality

- Calms the heart and nerves

- Help with eczema, psoriasis, acne and warts

- Regulates the intestinal flora, works against digestive problems, parasites and gallstones

- Inhibits tension, bruising, inflammation and menstrual cramps

- Improves bone structure and serves to strengthen the immune system

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